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The Key Features of the Best Residential Security Fencing

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Homeowners who would like to install a security fence that will keep them safe from burglars must think carefully about the fence that they buy and install. This article discusses the key attributes that such a fence must fulfill in order to do its work effectively.

Limits Potential Hiding Places

Some homeowners tend to instinctively gravitate towards opaque fencing materials when they go shopping for a fence for their homes. However, such a fence provides burglars with the opportunity to remain out of sight until they strike.

Opt for a see-through security fence. This fence will enable you to see anyone who is acting suspiciously near your property. It will also make it harder for burglars to conceal themselves as they target your property.

Difficult to Climb Over

A security fence is of limited use if burglars are likely to have an easy time climbing over it. You should therefore pay attention to the features that make a given security fence difficult for anyone to climb over. For instance, such a fence should be at least eight feet tall. Secondly, there shouldn't be any horizontal components that can act as steps for anyone trying to climb that fence. Thirdly, the top of the fence should be designed to deter attempts to climb that fence. For instance, spikes make it harder for one to climb over a security fence. The addition of razor wire can also serve to avert many attempts to climb over your fence.

Difficulty in Bypassing It

A security fence may only serve a cosmetic purpose if burglars can move under, around or through it. Select a fence that isn't easy to cut. Chain link fencing fails this criterion because someone can cut it. Concrete footings are a good way to secure a fence into the ground so that someone cannot pass underneath that fence. Gates may at times be the weak link that makes a security fence vulnerable to burglars. You should therefore ensure that your gate is strong so that access to your property is by admission only.

Examine all security fencing systems on the market and rate them based on how highly each of them scores regarding the factors in the discussion above. Weed out the options that fall short of the standards stipulated. You can then discuss the remaining options with security fence experts. Those professionals will then help you to select the best option that will protect your residence for a long time.