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Why It Is Essential To Invest In Quality Pool Fencing

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In recent years, there has been a crackdown on the various laws that govern pool fencing in Australia. This crackdown has led to strict regulations being out in place to ensure that homeowners are not skimping on the barriers they use to secure their pool areas. You may assume that simply erecting a mesh wire fence on your own may suffice, but if it can be proven the integrity of the fence contributed to an accident on your property, then you would be liable. Thus, more and more people are in search of premium fencing materials, such as toughened glass, when looking to erect a pool fence. So why is it essential to invest in pool fencing?

Quality pool fencing offers you easy maintenance

One of the aspects homeowners contemplate when constructing a new fence for their pool area is the amount of maintenance that would be required to keep it pristine. Materials such as timber used to be a common choice, but the labour intensive maintenance measures that are required to care for it has made people start to steer clear from this building supply for their pool fence.

Additionally, fencing manufacturers are realising that homeowners do not want to be tasked with continually labouring over their pool fence, so they are using materials that can stay in good condition with minimum supervision. An example of this would be self-cleaning glass pool fencing, which is especially perfect for people who have small children who would incessantly leave fingerprints and smudges on their pool fence. Another option you could contemplate is self-tensioning steel rods, particularly if you decide to incorporate balustrading with your pool fence.

Quality pool fencing keeps your insurance intact

Another reason why it is crucial to ensure that you have the best quality pool fencing would be to ensure you are not in breach of the terms of your home insurance. If you have home insurance, it is highly likely that you also have a provision for liability insurance. The liability insurance functions to ensure your finances are protected if someone acquires an injury while they are on your property.

Nonetheless, having liability insurance does not immediately make you exempt from legal costs. If the accident could have been avoided by you having pool fencing whose structural integrity has not been compromised, then you would be liable for the subsequent medical and legal costs. It is therefore essential to ensure that your pool fencing complies with the stipulated local council legislation.